Where Are Your Brand Ambassadors


Many of us, who are into business, by default will have the opportunity to have the details of the customers who visit us – like their name, email & phone numbers. What are you doing with them?

All you have to do is – in an organized way, build your database!

Then the next question as a new kid on the block is – how much time will it take to build such a database. Indeed, the masters of the trade spend quite a bit of their time in growing their existing customer details, while they make all efforts to keep adding new ones as well. This is an activity which needs to be given importance, enough time, patience and done religiously, in the beginning, if you are starting new.

Now, do understand that, unless one spends their valuable time looking after their existing customer base, then everything that they would have done &/or “invested” will go down the drain, before they even realize so. In this digital era, customer database is the KEY for success.

If you happen to speak to anyone who has mastered this art, the first and foremost powerful secret that they share is “DATABASE” – of existing audience.

But for the reason best know to almighty, many of the people who are now realizing that Internet is the source of business and started venturing into virtual marketing do not realize this FACT and end up making One Major Error.

What is this Major Error?

Newbie’s into online marketing are so busy making their sale of product/services to their customers, focused so much on making few pennies here & there, without realizing that they are dealing with People & these are the creatures With Feelings, who can be a powerful & impactful ambassadors of yours.

This selling approach (which is needed, no doubt), for sure will work in the short-term. May be one could even reap good initial income, but eventually will lose them for competition, since one has not only failed to arrest their ‘attention’, but failed to build the kind of attention, interest, confidence and trust that is needed. These are the same people, who once paid attention to you, eventually will stop responding. Once this happens, you will be left with no choice but to put all your time and money is ‘generating’ New Customers, as you are losing existing one consistently.

If one is bit sensible, understand the trick of the trade, for sure trust me, they will have much more worthwhile things to do, rather than spending all their valuable time and hard-earned money constantly on generating new database.

In any business, we keep getting new customers. When one gets, it’s suggested not to go all out to only sell, because if you are constantly reaching out to people with emails related to sales, you will lose more people than you retain. Many indulge and have failed in this approach and, by any chance if this has been any ones way of doing business, for sure they need to stop it here & now. This specific methodology has been tried out by many marketers for too long now and, trusts me, it’s just not working anymore. There is awareness and people these days just don’t like.

The secret is – These people on your list can be your greatest form of promotion…

Yes, since you are the master of your business, you can always tell people how great you are or you can always tell them what a wonderful product you are selling etc. Share your customers success story with other customers as well. Let there be a value in your content. They may or may not believe you, they may or may not buy from you. But if someone totally unconnected to you gives you the thumbs up… that is such a powerful thing.

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